Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 5 Worst Roads in Torrington

This winter has been a bad one for the city's roads. Snow and ice melting and refreezing added to the many potholes and frost heaves prevalent on most streets. According to a total of 533 votes in a survey, a Facebook question, e-mails, and SeeClickFix reports, these are the five worst, among the 83 streets mentioned.

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Farley Place between CVS and McDonald's
#5 - Farley Place - 30 votes
 This small street serves as a throughway for shoppers accessing CVS, Kmart, Price Rite, and other establishments in the area, resulting in a lot of traffic on a small street. The road has many cracks and potholes that have been filled in the past, but have re-opened, and new ones have formed.

"This road is worse than most dirt roads I've driven on and has been this way for over 5 years. A productive retail area and the road is like driving down a plowed field," said Scott on SeeClickFix.

Highland Avenue
#4 - Highland Avenue - 38 votes
Highland Avenue is roughly 3 miles long and connects Riverside Avenue and Weed Road, running parallel to Route 4.

 "It appears that the road is creasing in this area and has caused a great separation in height on each side of the crack. When driving down Highland your car gets drag left to right as a result of this crack. Also the height difference can cause a major problem for smaller cars (ie. I drive a civic) as front bumpers can start to be damaged along with under carriage parts," said Chris on SeeClickFix.

"There are numerous potholes on the upper portion of Highland Avenue. Last year the town paved a portion of Highland Ave (closer to the Litchfield line) and forgot about the rest of the road," said an anonymous poster on SeeClickFix.

Riverside Avenue
#3 - Riverside Avenue - 49 votes
Riverside Avenue is just over a mile long, and runs from Route 4 to Highland Avenue and Church Street.

"Riverside Ave, from Highland to just past Holley Place has numerous large potholes, and the road surface is crumbling daily," said Tom on SeeClickFix.

"All previous patch/repair work done to this stretch of road has crumbled...sunk...and/or washed away. The road is one pot/sink hole after another and needs immediate attention before travel along this roadway becomes impossible," sadi Anne on SeeClickFix.

"(There are) dangerous potholes on riverside...deep enough to cause tire damage or a car accident from trying to avoid potholes," said an anonymous poster on SeeClickFix.

Mountain Road
#2 - Mountain road - 50 votes
Mountain Road runs about 4.3 miles north from Route 4.

"Road is damaged this year more then ever ! Hope the town plans on repairing it this spring! Mountain Rd is very dangerous right now with large pot holes ! BE CAREFUL PLEASE!" said an anonymous poster on SeeClickFix.

"I have lived on Mountain Rd for over 20 years and the amount of taxes we pay is insane for the condition of the road. Town leaders - please put our money to good use and fix this road once and for all. The drainage is poor, the paving is poor. Quit using a bandaid solution!" said "disgruntled" on SeeClickFix.

#1 - Weed Road - 53 votes
Weed Road is just under 3 miles long, running from Pumping Station Road north to Route 4.

"Road needs signs to warn people of dangerous conditions in road. It is impossible for emergency vehicle to respond to any emergency on this road," said Ed on SeeClickFix.

"Take a left off of goshen road rt 4 and go one half mile and tell me this road is SAFE??" said an anonymous SeeClickFix poster.

"I don't live anywhere near here, but cut through on my way to litchfield on my motorcycle the other day, and yeah, this road is definitely no longer safe. Some holes were large enough that they could easily do damage to a motorcycle rim at normal speed, it would trash a car in no time if you had to drive it daily," said another anonymous poster.

Watch video of a drive on Weed Road here:

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