Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Launch of the Top 5 in Litchfield County

The Register Citizen will introduce a new feature next week: the Top 5 in Litchfield County Blog. The blog will feature Top Five lists curated by both Register Citizen staff and readers, on subjects varying from Top Five Hiking Spots to Top Five Historic Buildings that Should be Saved.

A preliminary list of topics includes, but is not limited to, the Top Five: fishing spots, hiking trails, playgrounds, summer hot spots, local beaches, historic buildings that should be saved, businesses you’d like to see downtown, picnic places, and streets in need of repair.

The blog will be a joint effort between staff opinions and reader-submitted lists and ideas. New lists will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning April 25. The first list will be the Top 5 Streets in Torrington that Need Repairs.

A preliminary list, gathered from reports on SeeClickFix, shows 31 streets in Torrington listed as in need of repair:

Mountain Road - 20 votesWeed Road - 14 votesFarley Place - 12 votesRiverside Avenue - 11 votesHighland Avenue - 9 votesAlder Street - 8 votesChestnut Hill Road - 8 votesLitchfield Street - 6 votesLyman Drive - 6 votesScoville Street - 6 votesLovers Lane - 4 votesFairmount Avenue - 3 votesFairview Avenue - 3 votesGarden Street - 3 votesIowa Street - 3 votesJones Street - 3 votesSouth Street - 3 votesCharles Street - 2 votesChestnut Avenue - 2 votesGlenwood Avenue - 2 votesHemlock Hill Road - 2 votesHoffman Street - 2 votesJames Street - 2 votesWinthrop Street - 2 votesMaud Street - 2 votesBarton Street - 1 voteCameron Street - 1 voteChamberlain Street - 1 voteDewey Street - 1 voteHemlock Road - 1 voteMount Pleasant Terrace - 1 vote

What do you think? Is our list accurate? Should certain streets be higher or lower on the list, added to the list, or removed altogether? Let us know in the comments or using the survey below.

If you have an idea for a list topic, or a full list you would like us to post on the blog, email Community Engagement Editor Kaitlyn Yeager at or send her a tweet @kmyeager or @registercitizen.

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